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Electromyography (EMG) in Alafaya - Orlando, FL

EMG (Electromyography) in Alafaya - Orlando, FL

The muscles and nerves of the body are connected through an intricate system of electrical signals from the brain to tiny neurons that tell muscles to move. An EMG measures this electrical activity and then translates it into a series of charts or graphs for your doctor to review. EMGs are helpful in the identification of communication problems between nerves and muscles.

This test may be right for you if you have symptoms of a nerve or muscle problem. These symptoms can include:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness or pain

If you are preparing for an EMG and have questions, please call (407) 456-8082 or contact Dr. Asim Rahman online for more information.

Some medical conditions that EMG may be used to evaluate include:

Before the exam, you may shower or bathe but avoid using any creams or lotions before the test.

How is an EMG Test Completed?

EMG testing uses small needle electrodes or surface electrodes to measure muscle and nerve function. These tiny electrodes are placed on the skin or into the muscle depending on your symptoms. The test is usually done in a hospital or maybe a doctor's office or clinic. An EMG is usually ordered and evaluated by a neurologist—a doctor who treats conditions of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

During the test, the electrodes will send out tiny electrical signals to the muscles that may feel like a muscle spasm. Some electrodes will be attached to the skin and others may place a needle into the muscle. Needle electrodes may be more uncomfortable than skin electrodes. You may be asked to contract or release muscles during the test as your medical team monitors the function of your muscles. They are looking for any spontaneous electrical activity inside a muscle. This is not a normal finding for healthy muscles.

How Will I Feel After the EMG?

You should feel fine. You may have some minor bleeding or bruising where the needle electrode entered your skin.

You will find out the results of your test at your follow up appointment with your regular doctor or neurologist. Because the results of the test need to be analyzed, they will not be ready for you the same day the test is completed.

Schedule your EMG Today

Preparing for an EMG can feel intimidating, but getting to the source of your muscular difficulties is important. Call (407) 456-8082 or contact Dr. Asim Rahman online for more information.

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